I purchased this wheelchair couples of years ago and I am very happy with it as it helps me to travel around the world. Recently, I went to Swiss and German and next year planning to go to Spain with the wheelchair next year.

- Shih Young 

I bought this chair over a week ago on August 2018, the speed of delivery was amazing it arrived in Jersey 5 days left Malaysia on Friday arrived here on Wednesday ( there a weekend and a bank holiday included ). Last Saturday, my wife tried the wheelchair for the first time. We went all over town for the first time in over 3 years. After that, we went for a long walk to the next village and back which is a great experience for her and she is very happy.

- Jose Gouveia


The Foldaway wheelchair is awesome!
Not only light, compact but comfortable. Also amazes others because it folds so small (tell people like a lawn chair) & is so easy to move around once folded.

Getting it charged up is a piece of cake. I simply leave it in my car, string an extension cord to it through the hatchback of my Crosstrek.

I get lots of comments as I move along, how fast it is, how mobile it is, how small the turning radius. Have given out your website name to about 10 people who really would like a lighter, more manoeuvrable wheelchair.

The valet service at my local clinic & hospital love it, too. So easy to get out of the back of my car & get ready for me.

What I also like is how it ‘presents’ me or how I appear to other people. I do use a walker a lot but in the wheelchair I think I look less like an old woman hunched over & shuffling along.

I was able to attend a national BBQ cook-off held in a nearby small town. One of my favorite singers performed that day. The weather was hot. Others had to stand for his entire concert but I had a ready seat in my Foldaway. How good is that!”

- Melody Heide