About us


To improve the quality of life for the disabled and elderly by producing the latest innovation for handicap mobility, paired with superior quality.

Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Peter C. , founder of Foldawheel.

I started Foldawheel out of pure necessity for my father after his third stroke. I very quickly realised I had to find a solution to help him enjoy his final years. Not only did I want to give him his sense of freedom back, I wanted to take my father travelling to see as much as he could. However, I found that the wheelchairs on the market were heavy, bulky and incredibly expensive.

After searching far and beyond for a solution without any luck, I finally decided to create my own. I needed a power chair that was lightweight and foldable.  Something that was light enough to be checked in as luggage, could be flown on a plane and easy to carry. I created several prototypes over a year and finally in 2012, I was able to give my father his first lightweight power wheelchair. 

My father loved it. He became more outgoing and was able to move again. Soon enough, the word spread and through a number of modifications and improvements, we were able to launch our company in 2013.

Since then, we have helped thousands of people all around the world. We've created new models, added features and created wheelchairs we could have never dreamed were possible from the beginning. Through constant motivation and feedback from our customers, we were able to grow help tens of thousands of people regain their freedom.

We are a team of extremely passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping you or your loved ones find mobility and freedom again.

Thank you for following our journey! 

- Peter C.