5 Tips For Daily Wheelchair Usage



A primary concern for wheelchair users is ensuring their health is in check. Millions of people who suffer from disability rely on the usage of wheelchairs on a daily basis, and whether you are a new wheelchair user or a veteran, you will face your own set of challenges and obstacles.  Here we would like to share 5 tips to improve your wheelchair experience:


  1. Exercise, Light or Heavy


It is and has always been recommended by medical professionals that wheelchair users never become complacent and “too comfortable”. For those who aren’t already undergoing physiotherapy, it is best to do any kind of exercise suited to their ability. You can do as much as lifting weights with the help of a certified trainer, to just light exercises that help with mobility. Any kind of exercise is great and helps with blood circulation, and with better blood circulation, our health will see a tremendous improvement. Always be sure to consult your doctor before starting any kind of physical activity that may be strenuous.


  1. Posture is Important


Maintaining a good posture while on the wheelchair is of utmost importance. A good posture will assist with keeping your back intact and avoid deterioration of your back muscles. In order to keep a good posture for long periods of time, some level of strengthening is required, especially for the back and core muscles. Getting an ergonomic wheelchair also helps.


  1. Maintain a Good Diet


One of the worst things a wheelchair user can fall into is a bad diet. As far as foods and drinks are concerned, sugar is probably your worst enemy. Avoid consuming foods that are high in sugar, as it can lead to quick weight gain. Uncontrolled weight gain can be detrimental because it will affect your mobility and eventually make it harder to be independent. Try to retain a balanced diet by opting for better foods and you may also try practicing intermittent fasting or going vegetarian from time to time.


  1. Take Your Time When Choosing a Wheelchair


Wheelchairs can be expensive. So make sure you take your time and go through your options thoroughly before investing in one. Ensure that it is as comfortable as possible, it suits your daily usage, and is the best option for you to be as independent as possible. Getting used to being on a wheelchair can be very difficult, being dependant even more so. Get something that is within your budget, but also suited to your lifestyle. At Foldawheel, we have a variety of options for you to choose from. Get in touch with us.


  1. Take Good Care of Yourself


As said earlier, nobody can truly understand the struggle of a wheelchair user except for they themselves. As much as it is important to take care of your physical self, it is also crucial that you keep your mental health in check. Understand that being on a wheelchair is a process, and it requires a lot of patience and adjustment. Don’t be ashamed to acknowledge your position as a wheelchair user and ask for help whenever something is overwhelming. Try not to think less of yourself because the future holds so much more whether you are on a wheelchair or not.