Wheelchair Life Hacks: Accessories

wheelchair accessories powered wheelchair


There are so many accessories available to add to your wheelchair that would make life a whole lot easier. After all, that’s what life hacks are all about; adding convenience to your life. Here are 6 of our favorite accessories:

  1. Smartphone/Smart-device Holder

Probably one of the most popular accessories. Having a device holder attached to your wheelchair is like being on the business class of wheelchairs. It’s awesome because you get to access all your assistive apps, and it’s basically entertainment on the move. Movies, music, videos, everything within reach. Constantly. Here is a list of apps that are great for wheelchair users.

  1. LED Torchlight

wheelchair torchlight accessories

Let there be light! Need to take a quick roll out in the night, no problem. There are many kinds of torch lamps available as accessories to wheelchairs, and they are inexpensive. Why LED? Well because they are super bright and last longer. If you have difficulty pushing buttons, get a touch light.

  1. Bottle Holder

wheelchair water bottle holder accessories

This is no-brainer. What better medical advise than to always keep yourself hydrated. Have a bottle holder attached to your wheelchair and hydrating will be a problem of the past. If you’re a huge fan of water, get a holder that can fit a bigger bottle size; probably a 1.5L or 2L bottle.

  1. Armrest Bag


wheelchair pouch bag accessories


Man, this is one of the best accessories to add to your wheelchair. Get an armrest bag and you can automatically have more accessories added to your wheelchair. It’s like a genie lamp that grants you more accessories. Get one with a zipper because zippers are easy to manage. If you have many things in mind that you would like to have access to all the time, get two bags!

  1. Adjustable Headrest

wheelchair accessories headrest adjustable

Most wheelchairs don’t come with an adjustable headrest. “Why would I need one?”, you wonder. It helps you be more comfortable in the wheelchair, especially if you are seated for long hours. 

  1. Windproof Umbrella

wheelchair accessories umbrella windproof

A windproof umbrella is basically and umbrella that is windproof. So you don’t have to worry about your umbrella going for its own travels in strong winds. If you’re wondering where to store this umbrella, look no further than your armrest bag! Windproof umbrellas are usually foldable and compact.