Travel the World in a Wheelchair

Travel the World in a Wheelchair

Foldawheel | Travel the World in a Wheelchair

Traveling the world is a luxury. Most people put places on their bucket list but don’t have time to make it a reality. Don't let being in a wheelchair stop you from making it happen. Travelling in a Wheelchair doesn't have to be as hard as you think! Here are a few things to remember.

1. Plan Thoroughly

Foldawheel | Travel the World in a Wheelchair

Planning is essential in executing any type of activity. Everything from flights, accommodation, transport and expenses are common things we all know we have to organise. 

Pick a destination you're comfortable with. You don't necessarily have to know anyone in that city or country, but you need to know enough about it to feel like you'd feel at ease there. Look up the wheelchair accessibility and facilities offered by their public transport systems and make the call yourself. 

There are many cities in the world who are known for their wheelchair accessibility and facilities such as Barcelona, Montreal, and Seoul to name a few. 

Most information is available online and is essential before and during your travels. Make use of it and be on the safe side!

2. Take the Leap. Don't let your handicap mentally tie you down. You deserve to Travel.

Foldawheel | Travel the World in a Wheelchair

Once everything is in planned, nothing is stopping you. Get on the plane, bus, train or boat and begin touring the world. Many people hit a brick wall of fear before they embark on a journey, but I assure you the world is still your oyster! You deserve to travel just as much as everybody else. Being in a wheelchair does not change this. 

Make new friends, talk to strangers and people watch in the park. Sometimes, there's nothing more satisfying than just watching and observing in a new place. Whatever activity it is you planned or hoped to see, do it. Follow the plan, but there's no need to stick to it. I still believe there are way more good people in this world than bad.

If you're ever stuck or need a hand, you're never alone! Don't be afraid to ask a passer by for help.

3. Document Everything

Foldawheel | Travel the World in a Wheelchair

The world cannot be traveled in one go. You might not be able to travel for a long period of time, but the memories you made travelling will be with you forever.

Remember to take some time out to jot down what you did each day. Write about any challenges you had, the best part of your day and the feeling you had when you visited a place you really enjoyed.

Life is a journey! It might be your first time travelling in a wheelchair or it could be your hundredth, but reflecting on each experience will always make you appreciate life more.

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