Parenting from a Wheelchair

Tips for Parenting in a Wheelchair

Parenting from a Wheelchair | Foldawheel

Parenting is a sacred task in the circle of life and nothing should take that away from you. Raising a dependent newborn into an independent adult is no easy task. It is considered an on-the-job training, especially for first-time parents.

However, plenty of material is available in books, websites and blogs. Not only will this guide you through the course of parenting, it will also open you up to a whole community of individuals who are in the same boat as you.

Here are a few things to consider as a wheelchair parent in achieving common childcare obligations.

1. Buy the Right Equipment for your Baby or Toddler

Parenting from a Wheelchair | Foldawheel

Parents with limited mobility have a lot to consider when shopping for standard baby equipment. The shopping goes beyond sale discounts or the aesthetic appearance of something. It has to justify functionality that will make parents in a wheelchair independent.

Take, for instance, buying a stroller with two pushing handles is not convenient because when you push it from one side, it will only go in one direction. You want one with a shopping-cart-like handlebar. Just place your hand in the middle and the stroller will move as intended.

2. Use a Standing Wheelchair

Parenting from a Wheelchair | Foldawheel

Equipment like the varieties of power standing wheelchairs can make parenting activities possible and easy. The wheelchairs can put you in a standing position that can enable you to wash your baby, dry and dress them comfortably. The chairs can also fold open in a lying down position to enable you to relax and put your child to sleep.

You could also consider getting more functional wheelchairs that will suit your needs. With modern technology, getting yourself off your car is easy as there are ramps that can lift you in and out. But how do you put and remove your child from their car seat? Draco, our power standing wheelchair from makes this possible.

3. Use Simple Accessories to Make your Life Easier

Parenting from a Wheelchair | Foldawheel

When parenting from a wheelchair, the most important thing is that you spend as much time as possible with your child. There's no guidebook or right or wrong answer to parenting. Just do what works best for you. If you need to make your bed your child's playroom so you can spend more time with them, that's great! 

If you have problems with your legs and bending over constantly is going to hurt your back, then use a prop and play with your child on a higher level so you can still do everything from your wheelchair. 

Simple accessories will make your life a lot easier. For example, a scarf. An extremely simple yet practical item of accessory to have. Used to secure babies around your neck for breastfeeding, or hoisting them up onto your lap. It also takes a great deal of weight off your shoulders and you'll still have both arms free to do anything else you need to!

Parenting comes with a lot of pressure and opinions from others on how to raise your child. What matters is that you do what works best for your family. Always remember that you are doing a great job and don’t be afraid to ask for help!