Living a Healthy Life in a Wheelchair

Healthy living involves having physical and mental stability. Therefore, having good mental and physical health is essential to healthy living. To achieve this, you have to make changes to your lifestyle like eating better, exercising and having good living practices like having a good nights rest. But it has to be acknowledged that living healthy in a world of deliciously unhealthy foods needs commitment. It's even harder to maintain a healthy living while in a wheelchair.

It’s common among wheelers to have mental and physical health issues. More wheelchair users have a problem maintaining a healthy weight which sometimes could lead to obesity. Most wheelchair users also experience disability-related stress which could sometimes lead to depression. So, how do you avoid poor physical and mental health?

Cardiovascular Exercises

These are exercises that make you sweat and thus help you maintain a healthy heart and lungs. The objective of such exercises is to maintain a high heart rate and keep the body hot to enhance sweating. The next question may be, how to achieve such exercises? Swimming, playing basketball or wheelchair sprinting are some of the ways of killing two birds with one stone. Enjoy your swimming or sports and get in a cardiovascular exercise simultaneously. Well, in some cases, you will have to make some changes. For instance, when playing basketball or sprinting, you need to change your wheelchair to a sportier one. But for a normal sprint, you could consider Foldawheel’s MW-150 Lightweight Wheelchair.

Consider Weight Training

It’s frustrating when you’re enjoying freer mobility through your manual wheelchair and then get shoulder, arm and chest injuries. When you’re wheeling yourself, you tend to engage the chest, shoulder and arm muscles more and if you’re not used it, it causes injuries. The remedy is to begin weight training in your regular workout routine to make the muscles stronger. Free-weights are the best for wheelchair trainees. The lightweight power standing series wheelchairs by Foldawheel can give you an upper hand while weight training.

Check Your Diet

Dieting supports both mental and physical health. Without it means you cannot reach an optimum health level. The first level would be to lose calories by eating low-calorie diets. You can also consider substituting fat filled foods with foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins. A good example of a good diet with low calories is a raw vegan food diet.

Sugars found in beverages like soda adds to your weight problem. The best way to avoid calories in drinks is to take water instead. Keep into consideration diets with foods that will enhance your mental capacity. These are diets with nuts, berries or fish.

A Good Night’s Sleep

People who use a wheelchair may sometimes experience problems with their sleep as it may be hard to get a comfortable sleeping position. Remedies like a body pillow to keep between your legs can help. The pillow keeps one leg from applying undue pressure to the other. A good night’s sleep also involves going to bed in time and waking up in good time.

Physical and mental health are the key concepts for enjoying life in a wheelchair. Always have a positive approach towards healthy living and life will be enjoyable!