Health Benefits of Using Standing Wheelchairs

In our previous blog post, we talked about the available options when choosing a wheelchair, one of them being the standing wheelchair. In this segment we’ll talk about the physical and psychological health benefits of using a standing wheelchair. By nature, human beings are built to stand and walk most of the day, and there is a significant difference in how our body functions when standing.

Physical Health

1. Breathing

If you haven’t tried experimenting taking a deep breath while sitting versus standing up, you should. If you have, you’ll know that taking deep breaths when standing up is a whole lot easier than when sitting. Wheelchair users suffer the unfortunate restriction in taking deep breaths because of their default position; sitting on a wheelchair. Our internal organs that are related to breathing require room to expand as we breath, and standing up provides that space. With standing wheelchairs, users can reposition themselves at any time with minimal effort.

2. Blood Circulation

By being able to change your posture and position with the help of a standing wheelchair, you allow better blood circulation throughout the body. Sitting on a wheelchair for hours at a time has been proven to cause blood to stagnate, and directly affect the muscle and brain function of the user.

3. Urinary Tract and Bowel Function

Studies show that UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections are quite common among wheelchair users, especially those who completely rely on wheelchairs for mobility. Poor bowel movement is also a very common problem for the wheelchair-bound. It is often recommended by doctors for the users to perform standing exercises, or stand or walk with the help of a walker to avoid urinary tract and bowel problems. Standing wheelchairs are proven to be an effective solution.

4. Muscle Tightness and Fatigue

Sitting for hours - wheelchair or not - can cause our body to suffer from fatigue and “unexplainable” soreness. We’ve all experienced it, and imagine having to endure it on a daily basis. Wheelchair users have often complained about muscle tightness and soreness because being in the same position will cause muscles to stiffen and increase in spasticity. Standing wheelchairs will allow the weight distribution to change as the user’s position changes, and temporarily “free” the muscles.

5. Pressure Sores - avoid pressure sores

Ever heard of bed sores? Pressure sores are essentially the same thing. Being on a wheelchair for many hours in a day can lead to pressure sores, and more so for the more dependant users. Standing wheelchairs help by allowing the users to reposition the chair to a standing position (and even a lying position for some models) without having to use any muscles. Standing wheelchairs are built to coordinate position change independently, while holding the weight of the user.

6. Stronger Bones

With relation to the other points above, there has also been research about how bone density increases with standing exercises for wheelchair users. How about those who are unable to conduct such exercises? Standing wheelchairs are here to save the day.

Mental Health

1. Independence

Standing wheelchairs offer users the ability to be more independent. With the option of standing with the wheelchair, users can go about their daily lives performing more activities independently. Too many wheelchair users suffer from depression because of the need to be dependant and a major lifestyle change. A morale boost is vital!

2. Cognitive Abilities

As mentioned in one of the points above, blood circulation helps with brain function. With better brain function, users will subsequently have better cognitive abilities like better memory, focus, and coordination. Combine points one and two and we move on to point three.

3. Confidence and Well-Being

With their morale now boosted and increased cognition, users will have escalated confidence and consequently better well-being. Standing wheelchairs will allow users to communicate with people at eye level and more confidently, feel less awkward in crowds, and even give and receive hugs.

Standing wheelchairs really are a milestone in the wheelchair business. Feel free to browse through our selection of Standing Wheelchairs to get yours today!