Standing Wheelchairs to Aid Multiple Sclerosis Patients



What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?


MS is a long term, permanent disease that can affect the patient’s spinal cord, brain and nervous system, vision, balance and muscle control, aside from other basic bodily functions. The effects are different depending on the individual, and the gravity of the symptoms vary too. Some may suffer from mild effects that can be controlled with medication, and some are less fortunate and end up permanently bound to a wheelchair. For the less unfortunate ones, choosing the correct wheelchair makes all the difference in helping them live their lives to the best that they can; standing wheelchairs are one of the best options, if not the best.


How Can Standing Wheelchairs Help MS Patients?


Standing wheelchairs are today’s most advanced option for wheelchair users, and although they come with a hefty price tag, the benefits that wheelchair users can gain from a standing wheelchair makes it worth paying for. In this article, the focus is on MS patients, so we’ll break it down into two parts.


  1. Physical Health


Depending on the severity of a patient’s MS, they either have partial movement or very limited movement from a wheelchair. For some, they become almost completely immobile because the disease has gotten the best of their spinal cord and muscle control. Standing wheelchairs will allow users to have basic mobility like changing from a sitting to standing position, and for some wheelchairs to a 180 degree horizontal position, with the help of only a few buttons and knobs. Having this basic mobility will benefit users by:


  • Allowing better blood circulation, which directly helps with brain and muscle function.
  • Avoiding muscle fatigue and soreness which is usually due to sitting for long hours.
  • Keeping their posture right by being able to stand and sit with ease.
  • Preventing pressure sores or more commonly known as bed sores, that are also quite common for wheelchair users who sit for long hours and have limited mobility.


  1. Mental Health


The mental health aspect of using standing wheelchair is just as important. Standing wheelchairs will help MS patients achieve better confidence through:


  • Being a little more independent by being able to stand and do basic routine things without help.
  • Having the ability to meet and greet people at eye-level; studies have shown that when wheelchair bound patients who are able to interact at eye-level instead of having to constantly look up have a lot more confidence and better well-being in general.
  • Administering better cognitive abilities; better blood circulation helps with better memory and coordination.



There are only so many ways we can help an MS patient live better, and investing in a good wheelchair may be one of the best ways. Standing wheelchairs come with an array of other benefits and we at Foldawheel are ready to provide you with any information that you may need about standing wheelchairs, or any other kind of wheelchair. Here is an emotional and inspiring story about an MS patient who got himself a standing wheelchair.