Picking the Right Wheelchair

There are many factors that go into choosing the right wheelchair for you. Buying the right wheelchair can be committing to a lifelong relationship and therefore, you want to make a choice you won’t regret. Before going into the actual aspects of picking the right wheelchair, it is critical that you demystify the common notion that getting into the wheelchair is confining yourself to it.

It is the contrary. You are liberating yourself with the wheels as now you get more mobility. So, let’s get cracking and see what the factors to consider are.

Doctors’ Opinion

Disabilities and being handicapped can happen in different ways. For instance, from an illness, injury from an accident or deteriorating health conditions. In such cases, it is the doctor who will determine whether you will need the wheelchair in the first place. Despite their verdict, they also have to recommend the kind of wheelchair to get. Some disabilities require extra attention like the posture of the spinal cord and so forth. You just can’t buy any wheelchair, you have to follow the doctor’s advice.

Your Needs

Wheelchairs are like shoes. There are different varieties, for instance, sports shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes. The same applies for wheelchairs. There are sports wheelchairs, racing wheelchairs and a standard wheelchair among others. What matters is what your intended use for your wheelchair is. Let’s say you’re an artist and enjoy painting. The best wheelchair to consider is from the Foldawheel Standing series. It will enable you to paint large pictures as you can stand.

It would be regrettable to buy a manual wheelchair while you do not have full mobility in your arms. It means you’ll need someone to push you around everywhere. The manual series is best suited for more athletic wheelers who want to get some exercise going.

Day-to-Day Activities

Day to day activities comprises your daily routine. Think more along the lines of where you will be going on a daily basis and how you intend to get there. What will you be engaged in most of the time and how? This can better be explained by the use of an example. If you're working, you probably need to get to and from work. Maybe your driving, then you will need a wheelchair that fits in your car. The best kind is lightweights and can be foldable. Such as the PW-999UL lightest power wheels from Foldawheel which can fold and unfold in just 1 second by the press of a button.


You also want to pick a chair that will last its time. Quality is paramount to enjoying a good chair. One of the best ways to know quality is by reading reviews about the product. The other is through experience. Someone you know may have had their problems when getting theirs. Hence, they would be in a better position to guide you through better quality. Reputable companies are another path you could follow to get quality wheelchairs. Foldawheel is a reputable organization you can visit online for quality chairs.

There are other considerable factors in picking the right chair like the price but what is listed above is among the key aspects needed in picking the right wheelchair.