5 Wheelchair Options to Suit Your Needs

Wheelchairs have come a long way they were first invented a few hundred years ago. They are now widely available with an array of designs and functionality to suit your needs. Hence when choosing a wheelchair, it may not be as easy as it  was years ago. There are many factors to consider such as affordability, frequency of usage, storage, and type of usage. Here are five types of wheelchairs to consider when making a choice:

1. Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs are suitable for the more dependent users, and for shorter trips. Built as foldable wheelchairs with a standard seat and backrest that sits on four small wheels, they can only be propelled with the help of an aid, and are usually more lightweight than other chairs, making them conveniently portable. Transport wheelchairs are primarily used for short distances and are not as comfortable as the other options available. You would probably have to get a seat cushion if you plan to sit on a transport wheelchair for long hours. The two main things to consider when buying a transport wheelchair are; the overall weight, and the seat size. Other basic parts like armrests, legrests, and side panels are usually available on these wheelchairs.

2. Self-Propelling/Manual Wheelchairs

wheelchair types

As the name suggests, users are able to propel themselves when using a self-propelling wheelchair. The build is similar to transport wheelchairs, and not nearly as sophisticated as the motorized options. These wheelchairs have large rear tyres instead of small ones, enabling users to use their hands and spin the rear tires to move the wheelchair while seated. It takes a little bit of getting used to, and getting palm gloves will help with preventing bruising from spinning the tires. They look cool too. For manual wheelchairs, you get to factor in many specifications like the weight, ergonomic seating, ability to recline, etc.. Always get something that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

3. Motorized Wheelchairs

motorised wheelchair types different


Moving on to the motorized series of wheelchairs. As you’ve guessed, motorized wheelchairs cost a lot more than the conventional types, yup, but they are also very much value for money. Suitable for more independent and active users, motorized wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick and can move and decent speeds. Although all hassle of propelling the wheelchair manually is eliminated, it may take some time to fully control the movement and maneuver of the wheelchair, but practice makes perfect right? They are more bulky and may not be as portable as manual or transport wheelchairs, so ensure you have your vehicle prepared because if you plan to take the wheelchair with you, it will likely be on or at the rear of your vehicle and not in your it. Check out our Foldawheel Series wheelchairs to have an idea of the most comfortable and user-friendly wheelchairs. We also offer accessories that can be added to your choice of wheelchair.

4. Motorized Scooters

Similar concept to motorized wheelchairs, but not the same at all. What? Yes. Motorized scooters are literally scooters that are built mainly for the elderly to move around. Or rather most users are the elderly. Not very manoeuvrable, they are not suitable in crowded areas and cannot really move fast. Very convenient for the more dependent users who choose to be independent, because motorized scooters have a handlebar to assist with directions and are easy to use. Protip: Always keep a spare battery because they run out quite quickly.

5. Standing Wheelchairs


How do the words ‘standing’ and ‘chair’ end up in the same sentence you wonder? Well, standing wheelchairs are actually motorized wheelchairs that can be fully reclined to become standing wheel...well chairs. The seat, headrest, footrest, and armrest are coordinated in such a way that the user will need not use a muscle to get form a sitting position to a standing position, or even a lying down position. That’s right, some even recline almost all the way down. If there’s one word to describe standing wheelchairs, it’s ‘amazing’. We at Foldawheel offer you the best of the best standing wheelchairs available to public.